Notation related to Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Business name
Rin onomichi cafe and bicycle rental
Business location
1-8-9 Tsuchido, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture 722-0035
person in charge
Keita Suwa

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usage fee/
Other necessary charges

It is stated in the usage fee .

Delivery time of products, etc.

You can use it from the date and time of use confirmed at the time of reservation.

Payment timing and method

Please pay online before use.

Charges Common to MATE X / MATE City

3 hour pack ¥6,000-(tax included)
6 hour pack
¥10,000- (tax included)
Extension fee (per hour)
¥2,000- (tax included)

· 3- hour pack (actually 4 hours), 6 -hour pack (actually 7 hours)
* Regarding substance
It will be the time for reception, lending, and body check at the time of return.

cancellation policy

No cancellation fee will be charged if you contact us by 17:00 the day before your reservation .
Contact after 17:00 will be charged 100% of the rental fee .
If 1 hour has passed since the reservation without contacting us , the reservation will be canceled on the day.
Cancellation on the day will be charged 100% of the rental fee.
No cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations due to bad weather.

About insurance/compensation

liability guarantee

Compensation for legal liability for third parties in the event of a collision with another person due to driving errors, etc.

Compensation limit amount per accident 100 million yen

Accident insurance (optional)

Compensation for injuries caused by accidents while riding a bicycle

Death/residual disability benefits

1 million yen
hospitalization insurance 3,000 yen per day
surgery insurance 30,000 yen when hospitalized
15,000 yen for outpatient